Multiple services plus NetFlixOSS Ribbon

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Two services exist:

  • Time
  • Events

The time service simply returns the current time as a JSON map with fields for hour, minute, second, etc.

The events service queries the time service, and returns a list of currently on-going events.

Each of these services may be accessed with a simple HTTP GET request. For example, the time service:

$ curl

In addition, the event service will accept an HTTP POST request with JSON data specifying the event type. Every GET or POST request to the event service generates a new event.

Front End

There is a simple JAX-RS front end that uses the ribbon-webapp fraction to communicate with the services. The web site displays the current Ribbon topology, and provides a simple button-based UI to GET or POST messages to the Ribbon services.

Try it Out

First, start up the front end, so you can watch the Ribbon topology get updated in real time. Open a terminal window.

$ cd frontend
$ mvn wildfly-swarm:run

Then open a browser to There will be nothing to see there yet. Leave this window open and visible while you bring up the two services.

Open another terminal window to build and run the time service:

$ cd time
$ mvn -Dswarm.port.offset=1 wildfly-swarm:run

You should see the Ribbon topology update in the browser as the time service comes up. Now, open another terminal window, and run the time service again, but this time give it a different port number. Notice how the web UI updates itself as the service comes up.

$ cd time
$ mvn -Dswarm.port.offset=2 wildfly-swarm:run

Finally, open yet another terminal window and run the events service, which consumes the time service(s). Again, note the UI changes.

$ cd events
$ mvn -Dswarm.port.offset=3 wildfly-swarm:run

Now you can kill and restart one or both of the time services, and witness the UI changes. You can also GET time and event service data, and POST new events.