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jaxws-addressing: A WS-addressing JAX-WS Web Service

The jaxws-addressing quickstart is a working example of the web service using WS-Addressing.

Access the Application

You can check that the Web Service is running and deployed correctly by accessing the following URL: http://localhost:8080/{artifactId}/AddressingService?wsdl. This URL will display the deployed WSDL endpoint for the Web Service.

Run the Client

  1. Make sure you Install the Quickstart Parent Artifact in Maven.

  2. Verify that the service is deployed properly.

  3. Open a terminal and navigate into the client directory of this quickstart.

    $ cd client/
  4. Type this command to run the client.

    $ mvn exec:java
  5. You should see the following output in the client console.

    Hello World!

For this quickstart, follow the special instructions to Deploy and Undeploy a Quickstart Containing Server and Java Client Projects


When you import this quickstart into {JBDSProductName}, you will see the following warning:

WS-I: A problem occured while running the WS-I WSDL conformance check: org.eclipse.wst.wsi.internal.analyzer.WSIAnalyzerException: The WS-I Test Assertion Document (TAD)document was either not found or could not be processed.The WSDLAnalyzer was unable to validate the given WSDL File.

This is a known Eclipse issue. For more information, see Eclipse Bugzilla - Bug 535813.

  1. To build all of the artifacts, right-click on the {artifactId} parent project, and choose Run As –> Maven install.

  2. To deploy the service:

    • Right-click on the {artifactId}-service subproject, and choose Run As –> Run on Server.

    • Choose the server and click Finish.

    • This starts the server and deploys the service to the server.

    • You also see the "404 - Not Found" error in the application window. This is because there is no user interface for this quickstart. You can ignore this error.

  3. To access the application:

    • Right-click on the {artifactId}-client subproject and choose Run As –> Java Application.

    • Choose the AddressingClient class and click OK.

    • You should see the following message in the Console tab:

      Hello World!
  4. To undeploy the project, right-click on the {artifactId} parent project and choose Run As –> Maven build. Enter wildfly:undeploy for the Goals and click Run.

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