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kitchensink: Assortment of technologies including Arquillian

The kitchensink quickstart demonstrates a {javaVersion} web-enabled database application using JSF, CDI, EJB, JPA, and Bean Validation.

What is it?

The kitchensink quickstart is a deployable Maven 3 project designed to help you get your foot in the door developing with {javaVersion} on {productNameFull}.

It demonstrates how to create a compliant {javaVersion} application using JSF, CDI, JAX-RS, EJB, JPA, and Bean Validation. It also includes a persistence unit and some sample persistence and transaction code to introduce you to database access in enterprise Java.

Access the Application

The application will be running at the following URL: http://localhost:8080/{artifactId}/.

Server Log: Expected Warnings and Errors

You will see the following warnings in the server log. You can ignore these warnings.

WFLYJCA0091: -ds.xml file deployments are deprecated. Support may be removed in a future version.

HHH000431: Unable to determine H2 database version, certain features may not work
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