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websocket-endpoint: Web application using WebSockets and JSON-P

Shows how to use WebSockets with JSON to broadcast information to all open WebSocket sessions in {productName}.

What is it?

The websocket-endpoint quickstart demonstrates how to use Java API for WebSockets to create server endpoints in {productNameFull}.

The BidWebSocketEndpoint provides the WebSocket endpoint that receives Message instances from clients/browsers and replies with the current Bidding instance. The conversion from JSON content to the specific instances are made by MessageDecoder and BiddingEncode classes.

Every update made on the Bidding are immediately propagated to all opened WebSocket sessions without any browser submission or AJAX polling mechanism.

Access the application

Access the running application in a browser at the following URL: http://localhost:8080/{artifactId}/

You are presented with a simple form that shows a bidding with the status NOT_STARTED.

Click on Do a bid! button. That will start the bidding and trigger the 1 minute countdown timer. You can also notice that every Bid will be listed under the List of bids section.

You should open the application URL in other browsers or tabs. You will notice that every change on the bidding is automatically update in all opened browser or tabs. The item will be SOLD once that it reaches the Buy now price. At the countdown timeout, the bidding will be EXPIRED. You can click on Buy it now button to immediately buy the item.

You can restart the bidding if you click on Reset bidding button.

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