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@@ -124,7 +124,6 @@ NOTE: Some of these quickstarts use the H2 database included with {productName}.
| link:spring-greeter/README{outfilesuffix}[spring-greeter]|Spring MVC, JSP, JPA | The `spring-greeter` quickstart is based on the `greeter` quickstart, but differs in that it uses Spring MVC for Mapping `GET` and `POST` requests. | Beginner | _none_
| link:spring-kitchensink-basic/README{outfilesuffix}[spring-kitchensink-basic]|JSP, JPA, JSON, Spring, JUnit | The `spring-kitchensink-basic` quickstart is an example of a Java EE 7 application using JSP, JPA and Spring 4.x. | Intermediate | _none_
| link:spring-kitchensink-springmvctest/README{outfilesuffix}[spring-kitchensink-springmvctest]|JSP, JPA, JSON, Spring, JUnit | The `spring-kitchensink-springmvctest` quickstart demonstrates how to create an MVC application using JSP, JPA and Spring 4.x. | Intermediate | _none_
| link:spring-petclinic/README{outfilesuffix}[spring-petclinic]|JPA, Junit, JMX, Spring MVC Annotations, AOP, Spring Data, JSP, webjars, Dandellion | The `spring-petclinic` quickstart shows how to run the Spring PetClinic Application in {productName} using the {productName} BOMs. | Advanced | _none_
| link:spring-resteasy/README{outfilesuffix}[spring-resteasy]|Resteasy, Spring | The `spring-resteasy` quickstart demonstrates how to package and deploy a web application that includes resteasy-spring integration. | Beginner | _none_
| link:tasks/README{outfilesuffix}[tasks]|JPA, Arquillian | The `tasks` quickstart includes a persistence unit and sample persistence code to demonstrate how to use JPA for database access in {productName}. | Intermediate | _none_
| link:tasks-jsf/README{outfilesuffix}[tasks-jsf]|JSF, JPA | The `tasks-jsf` quickstart demonstrates how to use JPA persistence with JSF as the view layer. | Intermediate | link:tasks/README{outfilesuffix}[tasks]
@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@
33 pom.xml
@@ -723,39 +723,6 @@

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