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You can also start the server and deploy the quickstarts or run the Arquillian tests from Eclipse using JBoss tools. For general information about how to import a quickstart, add a ${} server, and build and deploy a quickstart, see [Use JBoss Developer Studio or Eclipse to Run the Quickstarts](${use.eclipse.url}).
For this quickstart, follow the special instructions to [Deploy and Undeploy a Quickstart Containing Server and Java Client Projects](
1. To build all of the artifacts, right-click on the `${project.artifactId}` parent project, and choose `Run As` --> `Maven install`.
2. To deploy the service:
* Right-click on the `${project.artifactId}-service` subproject, and choose `Run As` --> `Run on Server`.
* Choose the server and click `Finish`.
* This starts the server and deploys the service to the server.
* You also see the "404 - Not Found" error in the application window. This is because there is no user interface for this quickstart. You can ignore this error.
3. To access the application:
* Right-click on the `${project.artifactId}-client` subproject and choose `Run As` --> `Java Application`.
* You should see the following message in the `Console` tab:
Hello World!
4. To undeploy the project, right-click on the `${project.artifactId}` parent project and choose `Run As` --> `Maven build`. Enter `wildfly:undeploy` for the `Goals` and click `Run`.
## Debug the Application

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