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WFLY-11041: Update jaxws-retail README to use attribute for product name

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sgilda committed Sep 19, 2018
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@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ This quickstart requires that you build the parent project, deploy the service,
** Right-click on the *{artifactId}-service* project and choose *Run As* –> *Maven install*.
** In the *{artifactId}-service* project, select the *target/generated-sources/wsconsume* folder and choose *Build Path* –> *Use as Source Folder*.
** Right-click on the *jaxws-retail-service* project and choose *Run As* –> *Run on Server*.
** Select the JBoss EAP server and click *Finish*.
** Select the {productName} server and click *Finish*.
** You should see the following message in the *Console* tab:

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