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EAP7-1190. CLI, new option to enable properties resolution


Currently the only way to enable properties resolution in the CLI is to update the XML configuration file. Having to update the XML file creates complexity when automating CLI execution. CLI has some command line options that override the content of the XML configuration. We are here proposing to introduce a new command line option to enable properties resolution.

Issue Metadata


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Dev Contacts

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Affected Projects or Components

  • CLI

Other Interested Projects

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Hard Requirements

  • Ability to enable property resolution via CLI option. We are re-using the XML element name as the option name. This option has no value,

./ --resolve-parameter-values

Nice-to-Have Requirements

  • NONE


  • Ability to disable property resolution via CLI option.

Test Plan

  • New test in standalone to start CLI with --resolve-parameter-values and check that the system property is resolved prior to be sent to server.

Community Documentation

The CLI comes with its own documentation (help). Having a new entry for the option should be enough.

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