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WFLY-12298 Support configuring RESTEasy through Wildfly management model


This proposal calls for exposing RESTEasy configuration parameters through the Wildfly management model. The initial facility, subject to later elaboration, is meant to allow operators to configure RESTEasy context parameters and providers.

For example,


would allow an operator to turn off XML security features.

Issue Metadata

QE Contacts:

Affected Projects or Components:

  • RESTEasy, Wildfly


All changes gathered through the management model will be passed to RESTEasy through web context parameters. These parameters are:

  1. Existing configuration parameters as described in Section 3.4 "Configuration switches" of the RESTeasy User Guide ( These include "resteasy.providers" which allows adding provider classes.

  2. One new parameter, "resteasy.disable.providers" which allows disabling provider classes.

  3. Note that some of the RESTEasy configuration parameters are not appropriate in this context:

    • Some are too specific to be applied to all deployments: resteasy.servlet.mapping.prefix,

    • Some are deprecated: resteasy.scan, resteasy.scan.providers, resteasy.scan.resources.

Non Requirements

Limitations for current implementation:

  • The intention, for now, is for any changes to affect only future deployments, so that no restarts or reloads are necessary. No current deployments would be affected unless they are re-deployed.

  • The configurable parameters will be global to the RESTEasy subsystem, and will passed to each deployment as context parameters. For now, there will be no per deployment configuration.

Test Plan

Tests will be needed in the Wildfly testsuite.

Community Documentation

A subsection of Chapter 9 "Subsystem configuration" of the WildFly Admin Guide ( will be needed.

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