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Custom Filter


Currently logging filters are limited to the filters provided by the JBoss Log Manager. Allowing users to create their own filters will allow for a higher degree of control over logging. As an example a filter could be created to filter messages based on the cause of the log message.

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Testing By

  • ✓ Engineering

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Affected Projects or Components

  • WildFly Core

  • WildFly

Other Interested Projects

  • Any consumer of WildFly Core that uses the logging subsystem.


Hard Requirements

  • The resource will require a module name and class name.

  • The class must be of type java.util.logging.Filter.

  • There should be a set of properties which can be set.

    • The properties should also support whether or not they are construction properties. This may or may not be a separate resource and will be determined at implementation time.

  • Filters will only be usable on the filter-spec attribute.

  • Filters should be alowed to be added to an already existing filter-spec. For example any(match(".*example.*"), my-filter-name).

Nice-to-Have Requirements


  • This will not add any new filters.

Implementation Plan

This will essentially be a copy of the custom-formatter. The name should just be filter since no other resources in the logging subsystem have this name.

Test Plan

The test plan will simply be unit and integration tests.

Community Documentation

Documentation will be updated to add documentation and examples of adding filter's. The filter documentation will also be updated to show how a filter can be used.

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