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Provide CLI operation which returns used journal type -NIOxASYNCIO.


When configuring the use of ASYNCIO for journal persistence, the Artemis server may fall back to NIO if the libaio binaries are not located. This state is not displayed to the user so he doesn’t know the effective journal type that is used. Adding a new runtime-journal-type attribute to read the effective journal type.

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Affected Projects or Components

  • Wildfly

  • ActiveMQ Artemis (finished)

Other Interested Projects


  • Add a new `runtime-journal-type`read-only attribute to the /subsystem=messaging-activemq/server resource to obtain the effective journal type. The authorized values are

  • NONE: persistence disabled

  • NIO: Java NIO used

  • ASYNCIO: AsyncIO used with libaio

  • DATABASE: JDBC persistence

CLI to read the attribute:


Hard Requirements

Nice-to-Have Requirements


Test Plan

  • Changes in Wildfly management model will be covered in WF testsuite.

  • Checking the effective value on fall back will be tested in WF testsuite.

Community Documentation

  • Covered by attribute description in management model.

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