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JMS Bridge should display statistics about messages that have been processed.


An Artemis JMS Bridge consumes messages from a source JMS destination, and send them to a target JMS destination. Typically either the source or the target destinations are on different servers. The bridge can also be used to bridge messages from other non Artemis JMS servers, as long as they are JMS 1.1 compliant. The goal of this RFE is to display statistics on the number of processed messages and how many were aborted/rolled back. Those statistics were added through to Apache Artemis via ARTEMIS-561/ENTMQBR-1004.

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Affected Projects or Components

  • Wildfly

  • ActiveMQ Artemis (finished)

Other Interested Projects


  • The messageCount and abortedMessageCount attributes of ActiveMQ Artemis JMS Bridge configuration must be readable via Wildfly management model.

Implementation Plan

The message-count and aborted-message-count read-only attributes of type Long will be added to the JMS bridge resource. message-count displays the number of messages being processed (successfully or not) by the bridge. aborted-message-count displays the number of messages that were aborted.

CLI to read the attributes:


Test Plan

  • Changes in Wildfly management model will be covered in WF testsuite by a simple integration test: the test only covers the integration with Artemis aka reading the values from Artemis.

  • There is a specific test in Apache Artemis covering those statistics (org.apache.activemq.artemis.tests.extras.jms.bridge.JMSBridgeTest#testAbortedMessages).

Community Documentation

  • Covered by attribute description in management model and subsystem configuration documentation.

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