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Source of Wildfly Website


The site is built using awestruct, and its dependencies are best installed using the ruby gem bundler.

  1. Make sure you have a modern, sane Ruby install. The best way to install Ruby is to use RVM from
  2. Install the ruby gem bundler

    gem install bundler
  3. Install the necessary gems for the site. At the root of the site directory, run

    bundle install

Developing the site

If you run Awestruct locally, it will watch for changes to your sources and regenerate the site. Run

bundle exec awestruct -d

and browse to http://localhost:4242.

Publishing the site

To stage or publish the site, you'll need to be able to upload to the wildfly account on Send your ssh key to to get access.

To stage the site:

./ -s

The site is staged to

To push the site live:

./ -p