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Lens Correction

(aka Zap-distortion)

A Python script to batch correct photo distortion for a GoPro Hero2 using the Lenfun database.

Should be adaptable for any camera in the lensfun db.


  • Python 2.7 (should work with Python 3 if you have OpenCV with Python 3 bindings)
  • OpenCV 2.4.x (with Python bindings)
  • Lensfun 2.8+ , lensfunpy
  • piexif
  • GoPro.xml lensfun definition in the lensfun path, it's too new to be in the packaged versions (I think it's in 3.0+)
    • Put it in ~/.local/share/lensfun/ or in /usr/share/lensfun (on a Linux system)

See for more details.

ExampleCompare before and after photos


  1. Install the prequisites
#On Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install python-opencv lensfun0
sudo pip install lensfunpy
sudo pip install piexif
git clone
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/lensfun/
sudo cp lenscorrection/gopro.xml ~/.local/share/lensfun/
  1. Open a terminal in the directory where you have photos.
  2. Run the code
python /path/to/

Results will be filename_fix.jpg


  • Currently only does GoPro Hero2
  • Exif is copied from original image except for a few values.
    • Model is set to HD2 U , so you can tell it apart from an unmodified image
    • Focal Length in 35mm is estimated based on the lost amount of image from the original, as the correction crops the edges.