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Plugins for perspective drawing in GIMP
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Plugins for perspective drawing in GIMP

Copyright (C) 2015 Asher Blum


On Linux and Mac, find your gimp plugins directory, such as ~/gimp-2.8/plug-ins

cp *.py ~/gimp-2.8/plug-ins

restart gimp


Draws ellipses to represent horizontal circles. Can also draw vertical lines to complete a wireframe of a vertical cylinder such as a round tower.

  • Ellipses are proportioned based on distance from horizon line.

Using perspective-ellipse

  • Draw a horizon line across your image; note the y-coordinate
  • Set the brush and foreground color for the ellipses you want.

Draw a Single Ellipse

  • Use the rectangle select tool to draw the major axis of the ellipse
  • The top line of the rectangle becomes the major axis
  • The rest of the rectangle doesn't matter - keep it short vertically
  • Choose Tools/Perspective/Ellipses
  • Enter the height of your horizon line in "Horizon Height"
  • Click OK
  • The plugin creates a new layer with one ellipse on it.

Draw Multiple Independent Ellipses

  • Use the rectangle select tool to draw the major axis of the first ellipse
  • Put the select tool in "Add" mode
  • Add more rectangles to the selection
  • Call the plugin - same as for a single ellipse

Draw a Vertical Cylinder

  • Use the rectangle select tool to select the whole cylinder as a rectangle
  • Choose Tools/Perspective/Ellipses
  • Set vertical spacing to about 1/10 the height of the cylinder
  • Set "Draw vertical lines" to Yes
  • Click OK

Using perspective-grid

  • Use just once while setting up drawing
  • Set the brush size and hardness, for example size 4, hardness 50
  • Choose Tools/Perspective/Grid
  • Set the vanishing points off the canvas an appropriate amount
  • Set the horizon height to where you want the horizon line - use the scale at the left edge of the canvas.
  • Click OK


Extracts the perspective grid from an existing image

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