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📈🔍 Exploring open data from Zürich
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Exploring open data

Exploring open data from the city of Zuerich.

This set of notebooks is meant to encourage the exploration of data from the world around us. Notebooks should:

  1. introduce people who are new to data analysis and programming computers to the tools and ideas of data analysis; and
  2. inspire experienced data practicioners and function as a reference/example gallery analysing public datasets.

Try it live


You can try out all the examples live without installing anything by clicking the badge above. Feel free to edit and explore as you wish!


  1. Introduction to python and jupyter
  2. Biking in Zurich
  3. Zurich weather
  4. Zurich weather, part two


This project is about making open data accessible to more people. In that spirit everybody is encouraged to contribute to this repository.

If you find a typo, a bug or anything else that is weird: the thing to do is to create a new issue to report it. If you want to make a change yourself but don't know how, create an issue an we will help you with the technical steps to get it done. If you are an experienced GitHub user, feel free to create a PR straight away. More details on contributing.


All code is licensed as BSD 3-Clause License.

The city of Zurich data is licensed under CC0.

The introduction.ipynb notebook was derived from with permission from the author.

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