Bringing sexy curves back to Firefox Photon.
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🐺 Photon Australis

Bringing sexy curves back to Firefox Photon.

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Because all you sexy Firefox users deserve something sexier than ugly, blocky square. (Who wants to be square, right?)

😍 How do I get this sexy thing? 😍

Since Firefox 57+, the only way to customize your browser UI is through userChrome.css. Learn more here.

Rough instructions:

  1. Go to your Firefox browser, type about:profiles in your url bar.
  2. Under the profile that is in use, open the Root Directory folder.
  3. If that folder does not have a chrome folder, create a folder, name it chrome.
  4. In the chrome folder, create a file named userChrome.css
  5. Copy and paste the code that matches your Firefox theme. Dark, Default, Light
  6. Restart Firefox and enjoy some sexy curves :D

😞 Something is broken 😞

Fret not! Please create an issue and I'll see what I can do.