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This is the config I use to work with web applications. Designed to make my terminal as productive as possible. This is tested and designed for iTerm2 terminal.


  1. clone this repository with all plugins included

    git clone --recursive -j8 ~/bin
  2. install iterm2


All tmux specific config is stored in ~/tmux directory.

  1. install tmux
    brew install tmux
  2. in your create ~/.tmux.conf file and add this line there:
    source ~/bin/tmux/.tmux.conf`
  3. clone all plugins run tmux and install plugins:
    Ctrl+q, I (shift i)

ZSH (Recommended)

We strongly recommend to use ZSH shell with this config. To change your default shell into ZSH, just type chsh -s /usr/zsh in your terminal.

  1. Copy .zshrc from ~/bin/dotfiles/.zshrc

  2. Install .oh-my-zsh

    export ZSH=$HOME/bin/.zshrc; sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  3. Add those lines in your newly created ~.zshrc file. Please, ensure, that you have zsh plugins before oh-my-zsh file loaded, and .zshrc after that.

    source $HOME/bin/.zsh_plugins
    source $ZSH/
    source $HOME/bin/.zshrc
  4. You may need to set gem paths to get rid of warning when starting terminal.

    export GEM_HOME="$HOME/.gem"
    export GEM_PATH="$HOME/.gem"


  1. Add this line to your ~/.bash_profile file

    source ~/bin/.bashrc

Script list

  1. Git branch color
  2. Git command autocomplete
  3. Git aliases
  4. Git rewrite author
  5. Project specific script structurization
  6. Shell color schemes
  7. TMUX runtime script

1. Git branch color

If there is a git repository in current folder, it shows the current branch name, and color it to green/red depending of uncommitted changes

2. Git completion

Based on . This script autocompletes git commands after pressing key.

3. Git aliases

I use several shortcuts for git to improve my speed of repository management. For now I didn't updated git autocomplete script to work with aliases, so I use shell aliases only for commands without need to autocomplete branches.

alias ga='git add -p'
alias gaa='git add -A'
alias gc='git commit -m' #this allows me to use 'gc "Commit message"'
alias gca='git commit --amend'
alias gl='git pull -r'   #always pull and rebase actuall branch
alias gm='git merge'
alias go='git checkout'
alias gp='git push'      #always push actual branch.
alias gs='git status'
alias gr='git rebase master' #I often rebase with master and almost never with other branches.
alias gri='git rebase -i'

4. Git rewrite author

This script is extracted from This repository just to keep things simple

5. Project specific scripts

If you want to add commands for project specific environment setup, just add project-specific/ and list sources of private files there.

I name private project_files started from _ - those files are also ingnored in this repository.


FILE: project-specific/

source $HOME/bin/project-specific/
FILE project-specific/

#HERE you can provide scripts to setup your project environment

  cd $HOME/Projects/wilgoszpl/source
  rvm use 2.3.0@wpl

  RAILS_ENV=development rails s

This configuration allows me to simply use wpls to immediately start rails server inside of my project with proper gemset set. I use separeate file for each project and keep them private.

7. Tmux runtime script

This script immediately opens terminal with two windows with 3 panels ond first one, runs vim, server, console, and prepare project-specific environment.

To use it, just setup those environment variables. I place them inside of my project-specific files in twpl command. After configuring environment in this way, typing twpl in your terminal will do everything you need - just start coding.

FILE project-specific/

#HERE you can provide scripts to setup your project environment

#prepare project specific environment
  cd $HOME/Projects/wilgoszpl/source
  rvm use 2.3.0@wpl

#run server with project specific environment
  RAILS_ENV=development rails s

#run tmux environment auto setup
  export prcmd=wpl
  export scmd=wpls
  export session=wilgoszpl
  export window1=${session}:shell
  export window2=${session}:vim


  1. Fork it
  2. Create Pull request.