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// Put all your custom helper functions here! Will be callable from your views and partials
function say_hello_to($name) {
return "Hello $name!";
// If you have any custom HAML block, put it in here
class ThemeHamlHelpers extends HamlHelpers {
public static function render_parametrized_partial($block, $partial, $options) {
$src = get_partial_content($partial);
foreach ($options as $option => $value) {
$src = preg_replace("/\{$option\}/", $value, $src);
$src = preg_replace('/\{block\}/', $block, $src);
echo eval('?>' . stripslashes($src) . '<?php ');
public static function custom_block($block, $title) {
ThemeHamlHelpers::render_parametrized_partial($block, '_custom_block', array('title' => $title));
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