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added blank cell replacement

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commit c2b1a405992944e710eab2394ce63b61d00d922f 1 parent 2413b85
wilione authored
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
#csv2coll by Andrew Willingham
-#updated 10/15/2012
+#updated 11/7/2012
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
index = 0;
inputfile = "INPUT FILENAME.csv" #the name of the .csv file you want to convert
outputfile = "OUTPUT FILENAME.txt" #the desired name of the output file
+blankcellreplace = "BLANK REPLACE CHARACTER" #what string you want to replace blank cells with
#calculate number of columns in .csv file
columnstemp = csv.reader(open(inputfile, "rU"), dialect=csv.excel)
@@ -18,12 +19,16 @@
lines = [[0] + l for l in infile] #read the csv file into an array and create column for index value
for i in lines:
+ for n in range(0, columns): #fill blank cells with black cell replace string
+ if lines[index][n] == '': #find blank cells
+ lines[index][n] = blankcellreplace #replace blank cells
lines[index][columns] += ";" #adds semicolon to end of each line
lines[index][0] = index #fill with index value
strindex = str(lines[index][0]) + "," #holds index as string, adds comma to end of each index as string
lines[index][0] = strindex #put the index strings back in the array
index +=1
+#write text file with converted data
with open(outputfile, mode="w") as outfile:
writer = csv.writer(outfile, delimiter=' ')
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