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Node.js global keyboard and mouse listener.
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Node.js global native keyboard and mouse listener.

This module can handle keyboard and mouse events via native hooks inside and outside your JavaScript/TypeScript application.

Found a bug? Have an idea? Feel free to post an issue or submit a PR.

Check out the documentation.

Note for Node > 8.0 and Electron > 2.0.0 users: version v0.5.0 drops support for old platforms versions. Please use the the 0.4.X versions.


iohook provides prebuilt version for a bunch of OSes and platforms.

npm install iohook --save # or yarn add iohook


Q. Does this module require Java ?

A. No, this module doesn't require Java (like jnativehook) or any other runtimes.


Are you using iohook in your project ? Please tell us in a PR so we an add it to the list !


Thanks to kwhat for the libuiohook project and ayoubserti for the first iohook prototype.

  • vespakoen (prebuild system implementation)
  • matthewshirley (Windows prebuild fix)
  • djiit (project & community help)
  • ezain (add feature enable/disable mouse click propagation)
  • anoadragon453 (electron 4+ support)
  • All the other contributors. Feel free to extend this list !
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