Materials for masterclass in quantitative humanities at Edinburgh, Sept 2016
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Edinburgh Master Class

Materials for masterclass in quantitative humanities at Edinburgh, September 2016.

NB. If you're reading these files on GitHub (rather than locally on your machine), you won't be able to change or run any of the code. To run your own copy, download this project from GitHub, make sure you have working Python 3 environment, then start a notebook server via the Anaconda Navigator or at the command line with jupyter notebook. More details in the 00 Intro and Setup.ipynb notebook.

Directories are named according to contents:

  • Data contains input data used for analysis. It has two subfolders, Texts and Other, containing, respectively, plain text versions of literary texts and other types of input data.
  • Notebooks contains code for the course in the form of Jupyter notebooks
  • Readings contains supplemental articles for discussion
  • Results contains the output of various analyses
  • Slides contains a PDF of the opening lecture slides