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Ruby SubDB

This project aims to provide a simple API for accessing SubDB

GUI client

We are proud to annouce now we have a GUI client to make it easy for anyone to use SubDB, you can download client with following links:

Mac Version
Windows / Linux version

Just download, open, and drag your files on program window. It will work in same way as Command Line tool.


gem install subdb

Command Line Usage

You can simply use it by command line to sync your subtitles with SubDB, let’s say you have a folder called ~/Movies where all your movies are placed, you can do simple:

subdb ~/Movies

It will upload any subtitle that you already have to SubDB, and will try to download subtitles for movies that don’t already have a local one.

Library Usage

If you plan to use on your project, SubDB gem also provides a simple interface for it. You can figure it all with the following example:

require 'subdb'

file ="path_to_your_movie.mp4")                         # will retrieve a string with available languages (ex: "pt,en") or nil if don't have anyone["en", "pt"])         # will download the subtitle for given language, it tries in order of array
file.upload("path_to_subtitle.str") # will upload a subtitle for this movie

It’s only this :)


If you are looking to help with project code, please checkout the develop branch, the edge stuff is there.



  • Main class Subdb was moved to Subdb::Video
  • Ability to drop files direct on Dock Icon (Mac Only)
  • Display a list of downloaded subtitles at end of sync process