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1 parent ed1a9bf commit 408ecbbd224ea2f05f9ffe87d5445af173185217 @wilkerlucio committed Apr 22, 2011
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Subdb::ClientUtils.sync files, ["pt", "en"] do |action, arg|
when :scan then puts "Scanning #{arg[0]} [#{arg[1] + 1}/#{files.length}]"
when :scanned then puts "Hash: #{arg.hash}"
when :remote then puts arg ? "Found with languages: #{arg}" : "No subtitle found"
- when :uploading then puts "Local subtitle found and none on server, uploading..."
+ when :uploading then puts "Local uncached subtitle found, uploading..."
when :upload_ok then puts "Upload completed"
when :upload_failed then puts "Error on upload: #{arg[1]}"
when :downloading then puts "Download from remote..."

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