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XOmBot is a simple IRC bot written in perl meant to lurk in #xomb. Right now XOmBot accepts the following commands:

  • !wiki [article name]: will attempt to find a XOmB wiki article of that name and provide a definition

  • !latest: will provide information for the latest commit

  • !commands: will list the commands XOmBot listens for and what they do

  • !google [phrase] for [nick]: Sends a lmgtfy.com link to nick

  • !coinflip: flips a coin

  • !santa: Asks Santa if the bot has been naught or nice

  • !d: rolls a die with n sides

  • !joke: hear a funny joke

  • !answer: get the answer to the last funny joke

XOmBot has the following behaviours in addition to the commands:

  • announces an applied commit to the main XOmB repo

  • informs the channel of the !commands command upon entering a channel

  • says “brains…” when directly refered to (ie: XOmBot: message)

  • displays the title of any valid http:// urls displayed in the channel


  • Bot::BasicBot

  • URI::Title

  • URI::Find::Simple