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Our SimpleFTP implementation for experimenting with windowing protocols.
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To pull the code:

git clone git://

This will create a directory 'sftp-wans'.

To Run the name server:


Make note of the port it is using. Configure your server and client via the config.yml file to use the host and port given.

To run the server:

./run_server.rb config.yml

The server will automatically tell the name server to resolve the name given in the script to the IP and port it is listening.

To run the client:

./run_client.rb config.yml


Remote Commands

PWD - Get remote working directory.
RLS - List remote directory.
RCD path - Change remote directory.

Local Commands

LLS - List the local directory.
LCD - Change the local directory.

Transfer Commands

GET filename - Retrieve the file from the server.
PUT filename - Transfer the file to the server.

MGET filename [filename2]+ - Retreive the set of files.
MPUT filename [filename2]+ - Transfer the set of files.

Config Commands

CONFIG [var_name [value]] - Will set or retreive the value.

By giving no var_name, it will print all of the configuration parameters.
Note: some are only relevant to the sender or receiver.


window_size - # of frames in a window.
frame_size - # of bytes in a frame.
implementation - Either selective_repeat or go_back.
timeout - Number of seconds before a timeout.
error_rate - Probability that a frame will be corrupted.
drop_rate - Probability that a frame will be dropped.
ack_drop_rate - Probability that an ACK/NAK will be dropped.

Statistic Commands

STAT [stat_name] - Will retrieve the given statistic.
SERVER_STAT [stat_name] - Will retreive the stat from the server.

By giving no stat_name, it will print all of the statistics.
Note: some are only relevant to the sender or receiver.


corrupted - # of corrupted frames
frames_dropped - # of frames sent that were dropped
frames_sent - # of frames sent overall (counts those that are dropped)
redundant_frames - # of frames received that were already received
frames_received - # of frames received overall (counts corrupted)
timeouts - # of timeouts
out_of_order - # of frames received that were not expected
avg_buffer_len - Average of the maximum buffer size per window sent
acks_dropped - # of acks dropped
acks_sent - # of acks sent
acks_received - # of acks received
naks_dropped - # of naks dropped
naks_sent - # of naks sent
naks_received - # of naks received
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