Uses Nokogiri & Watir to download all the Code School TV videos
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Codeschool Video Downloader

Uses Nokogiri & Watir to download all the Code School Screencasts & Courses.

This assumes you've got a codeschool account.


Run this script from the command line with your codeschool username & password:

# install homebrew
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install chromedriver

gem install bundler  # get bundler to install gems automatically
bundle install       # install the dependencies

ruby codeschool_downloader.rb **your_username** **your_password**

It will, by default, shove all the files on your desktop into sensibly-named folders (assuming you're on a mac...)

Note: You'll have to have a paid plan in order to download all the videos available.

If you get any SSL-related error messages, check out this page to update / install openSSL

This script doesn't currently support Ruby versions greater than 2.2.6; try using using 2.2.6 if you're having problems with it.