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A rust web-view based application for browsing/seraching/viewing a directory full of markdown docs
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Markdown Browser

This is a bit of a test project, designed to try out an alternative to Electron and learn a bit of Rust.

Basically you drop it in the directory where you have a lot of markdown files. The left hand side will display a list of all the files in the directory, and you can click on them to view the rendered output in a web-view. You can filter from the titles or contents of the files.

It is working, but I wouldn't rely on it for anything critical!



I'm not planning to provide any binaries. To build it you need rust/cargo and run

cargo build --release


Find the application and either:

  1. Drop it in the directory where your markdown files are stored, or
  2. Drop it somewhere else and include a file folder.txt in the same directory. This file should contain a single line which is the path to the root folder for your markdown files.


This project is licensed under either of

Apache License, Version 2.0, (see LICENSE-APACHE or MIT license (see LICENSE-MIT or at your option.

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