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MacOS tool that prompts you to choose a browser when opening a link
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If you enjoy using Browserosaurus, please consider supporting its continued development.


Browserosaurus is an open-source (MIT license), Electron-based browser prompter for macOS. It works by setting itself as the default browser; any clicked links in non-browser apps are now sent to Browserosaurus where it’ll present you with a menu of all your installed browsers. You may now decide which browser you’d like to continue opening the link with.

Currently supports macOS 10.15.1


Ensure you are running the correct version of Node. The repo includes an .nvmrc file that includes the version number I use.

Get repo:

git clone

Move to folder:

cd browserosaurus

Install dependencies:


Run Browserosaurus in dev mode:

yarn start

Prepare for publishing:

yarn package
yarn notarize
yarn make

Finding bundle identifier (appId) for an app

mdls -name kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier -r /Applications/

Browser logos

The browser logos are provided by an excellent project by Cătălin Mariș:

Make icon.icns

To build an icns file from src/images/icon/icon.png, simply run yarn run icns.

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