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export interface Browser<Name = BrowserName> {
name: Name
appId?: string
hotKey?: string
cmd: string
optCmd?: string
fav?: boolean
export const browserNames = [
'Brave Beta',
'Brave Dev',
'Firefox Developer Edition',
'Firefox Nightly',
'Google Chrome',
'Google Chrome Canary',
'Microsoft Edge Beta',
'Microsoft Edge Canary',
'Microsoft Edge Dev',
'Safari Technology Preview',
'Tor Browser',
] as const
export type BrowserName = typeof browserNames[number]
export type Browsers = { [key in BrowserName]: Browser<key> }
export const browsers: Browsers = {
Brave: {
name: 'Brave',
appId: 'com.brave.Browser',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.brave.Browser',
hotKey: 'b',
'Brave Beta': {
name: 'Brave Beta',
appId: 'com.brave.Browser.beta',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.brave.Browser.beta',
'Brave Dev': {
name: 'Brave Dev',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
Chromium: {
name: 'Chromium',
appId: 'org.chromium.Chromium',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.chromium.Chromium',
hotKey: 'c',
Firefox: {
name: 'Firefox',
appId: 'org.mozilla.firefox',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.mozilla.firefox',
optCmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.mozilla.firefox -g',
hotKey: 'f',
'Firefox Developer Edition': {
name: 'Firefox Developer Edition',
appId: 'org.mozilla.firefoxdeveloperedition',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.mozilla.firefoxdeveloperedition',
'Firefox Nightly': {
name: 'Firefox Nightly',
appId: 'org.mozilla.nightly',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.mozilla.nightly',
'Google Chrome': {
name: 'Google Chrome',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
hotKey: 'g',
'Google Chrome Canary': {
name: 'Google Chrome Canary',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
Iridium: {
name: 'Iridium',
appId: 'de.iridiumbrowser',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b de.iridiumbrowser',
hotKey: 'i',
Maxthon: {
name: 'Maxthon',
appId: 'com.maxthon.mac.Maxthon',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.maxthon.mac.Maxthon',
hotKey: 'm',
'Microsoft Edge Beta': {
name: 'Microsoft Edge Beta',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
hotKey: 'e',
'Microsoft Edge Canary': {
name: 'Microsoft Edge Canary',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
'Microsoft Edge Dev': {
name: 'Microsoft Edge Dev',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
Min: {
name: 'Min',
appId: 'com.electron.min',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.electron.min',
hotKey: '-',
Opera: {
name: 'Opera',
appId: 'com.operasoftware.Opera',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.operasoftware.Opera',
hotKey: 'o',
Polypane: {
name: 'Polypane',
appId: 'com.firstversionist.polypane',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.firstversionist.polypane',
hotKey: 'p',
qutebrowser: {
name: 'qutebrowser',
appId: 'org.qt-project.Qt.QtWebEngineCore',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.qt-project.Qt.QtWebEngineCore',
hotKey: 'q',
Safari: {
name: 'Safari',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
optCmd: 'open "{URL}" -b -g',
hotKey: 's',
'Safari Technology Preview': {
name: 'Safari Technology Preview',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
'Tor Browser': {
name: 'Tor Browser',
appId: 'org.torproject.torbrowser',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.torproject.torbrowser',
optCmd: 'open "{URL}" -b org.torproject.torbrowser -g',
hotKey: 't',
Vivaldi: {
name: 'Vivaldi',
appId: 'com.vivaldi.Vivaldi',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b com.vivaldi.Vivaldi',
hotKey: 'v',
Yandex: {
name: 'Yandex',
appId: '',
cmd: 'open "{URL}" -b',
hotKey: 'y',
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