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Nick Spreitzer refactorsaurusrex

Austin, TX

Frank Steven T. S. tovar3012

Entusiasta de la informatica


Chatchai Saratakij CSaratakij

Indie Game Developer. Self-taught programmer. Passionate about game development.

Mimikko-Studio Pathum Thani, Thailand

108Robots chaabni

☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷ ☸

Jorge Fco. jorgefrac

Web Development


Rai Siqueira raisiqueira

Just a programmer with an immense interest in Web Technologies and a knack for learning new things and beer lover.

Koalla Group Brasil

Ajmal Afif ajmalafif

If the “why” is strong enough, I'll figure out the “how”. I rinse and repeat, iterate or whatever you wanna called it; until I arrive at fitting solutions.

Aviva Digital Garage Singapore