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Robots Conf 2014 Project - MaowBot :D
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MaowBot - Node Controlled Cat Robot

This is my Robots Conf 2014 Project :D

This is my simple node + spark-io + pawel sumo bot + (twitter, keypress, pebble) code.


MaowBot accepts the following keyboard commands:

  • d (wag left)
  • f (wag right)
  • c (center tail)
  • g (maow)
  • h (maow off)
  • Arrow keys (fwd, back, right, left)


MaowBot currently supports the following commands:

  • up
  • down
  • left
  • right
  • wagleft
  • wagright
  • stop
  • maowon
  • maowoff

To send commands to MaowBot, just use the hashtag #maowrc2014 and put the command in the text of your tweet.

Web Socket Interface

Run node maowbot-socket/index.js and use the GUI on to control MaowBot.

It also has a rest API at /api/:cmd!



Please note, the IP address for the REST interface is currently hard coded. You will need to update this for the app to work.

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