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A small script to automate project folder management and basic tool output
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very complete management (a pentest tool for organizing things)

Settings storage

Global settings are stored in ~/.vcm by default.

Project settings are stored in ./.vcm in the project directory

Project Management & File Syncing

  • vcm create - creates a folder with appropriate subfolders and project settings
  • vcm pull - rsyncs from a remote folder to the local project folder
  • vcm push - rsyncs to a remote folder from the local project folder

Tool Execution & Artifact Storage

Filenames have an epoch time suffix for historical versioning

  • vcm run nmap - uses default arguments -sV -p-
  • vcm run nikto
  • vcm run testssl - uses /usr/bin/openssl as the default but can be overridden in global settings
  • vcm run dirb - uses the default wordlist


  • Make executable
  • Copy to path
  • Run commands (except create) from within projects directory


  • Python 3.6.8
  • rsync
  • openssl binary (change location in the code)
  • testssl (brew install testssl)
  • nmap (brew install nmap)
  • python modules (pip install -r requirements.txt)
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