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Donorfide makes it easy for your nonprofit organization to collect donations.

Learn more at

⚠️ This is the documentation for Donorfide version 3.0, which is still very much a work in progress, and should not be used in production environments. Donorfide v3.0 is a continuation of the EasyDonate project, with an emphasis on usability.

For EasyDonate 2.0, the latest stable version of this software, see the master branch:

% git checkout -b master

Donorfide is an open-source, online payment processing and donor management platform that allows your nonprofit to process donations easily, so you can focus on doing good.

  • Collect donations online in a highly customizable manner
  • Manage recurring donations

For a sample installation see

Donorfide prides itself on being easy to install. For installation instructions, see

The remainder of this document focuses on technical information about Donorfide. If you're interested in that, read on! If you want to get a Donorfide installation up and running, visit our installation instructions.

This repository is split into 2 sections

  • donorfide holds the code related to the donorfide server and the donorfide client.
  • donorfide-site holds the code related to the Jekyll site at