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Experiments in generating beautiful SVG star charts
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Generate SVG star charts.

Goal: Create dynamic charts that resemble the IAU Constellation charts. This is a disjointed collection of stuff at the moment that is slowly coalescing into an orderly pairing of a Python package that generates GeoJSON from celestial catalogs and a JavaScript library that generates the SVG charts.

Currently there are two interesting components:

  1. Python package observation.catalogs. This package includes classes that represent stars in the HYG star database, deep sky objects in the NGC/IC catalogs, and constellation lines and boundaries. It includes a command-line utility to make reading and exporting from those databases to a custom JSON format and GeoJSON relatively straight-forward. This package is intended to be used to format data for...
  2. JavaScript which draws an SVG star chart based on a given configuration (either a particular region of the sky or the whole sky for a given location and time). See charts/index.html for more specific information.


BSD. See LICENSE file.

Individual catalogs may have their own license.

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