Extracts ASEN article info from specifically formatted docx files into csv
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ASEN articles extractor

Extracts data about articles in ASEN journals from docx files into a csv file. Built to work only with this specific word doc format. Do not run on other documents without modifiying code first.


Ensure the DOCS_PATH constant in extract.py points to the directory where the docx files to be processed are. Then run:

python3 extract.py

The csv file will be created in the directory the module is run from.


If an article field is not found, this will be indicated in the first csv column 'Parse errors'. The only exception to this is no error will be recorded for a missing 'Author' for book reviews articles, as they don't have authors. Rows with an error column must be manually checked.

Tested with

  • Linux (Ubuntu 17.04)
  • Python 3.5
  • For required python modules see requirements.txt. To install these run pip install -r requirements.txt