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Adds a handy script/dbdump command to your Rails app.

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This plugin adds a script/dbdump command which dumps your Rails database out.

This master branch supports Rails 3.0.  For Rails 2.3, use the rails_2_3 branch.

Like script/dbconsole, it takes your database connection details from
config/database.yml, and supports mysql, postgresql, and sqlite.

It takes the same options as script/dbconsole, ie. -p to supply the password
to your dump program for mysql and postgresql.   (Note that for mysql, this
means that the password is visible when other users on the system run 'ps'.
Postgresql does not have this problem as it uses an environment variable set
in ENV before execing and so not visible in ps.)


RAILS_ENV=production script/dbdump -p >mysite_production_`date +%Y-%m-%d`
  - dumps your production database to a file named like mysite_production_2009-01-27.

Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Will Bryant, Sekuda Ltd, released under the MIT license
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