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A WS2801 Library for the Spark Core (Originally written by Adafruit). The name is 'WS2801' instead of 'Adafruit_WS2801' because 'Adafruit_WS2801' is already taken by another user who has not published the library.


This library originated from Adafruit as a WS2801 Arduino Library with a BSD license. It was then ported over to the Spark Core by "Technobly / Bdub" according to the note at the top of the library. The original version may be here in this gist but it wasn't the version I started with. I took this version from Roman Mueller's Weather Moodlight tutorial and split it out into this file structure so it could be included as a library in the Spark IDE.

I wrote very little of this code (barely touched the WS2801.h and WS2801.cpp files), and modified Roman's application to work as a better generic example for the library (mainly this means stripping out a bunch of functions that were too specific).


I'm a little confused actually. The original work created by Adafruit mentions the BSD license in their README, but doesn't include a license file. It does however mention needing to include a block of copy in any redistributions, so I have included those in all 3 code files in /firmware. In the WS2801.cpp file, it mentions the MIT license. Per this article, there are 6 different BSD licenses, so I went with the MIT license for this project because there's only one. If anyone would like to clarify how I should be handling the license for this, I will be receptive and responsive to make appropriate changes.


A WS2801 Library for Spark




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