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👓 A curated list of amazing ARK libraries, applications, tutorials and resources.
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Amazing ARK

A curated list of amazing ARK libraries, applications, tutorials and resources.



ARK Contract Execution Services

ACES Documentation

Ark Community Fund

Ark Official

  • Blog - Ark official blog.
  • Contact - Ark contact page.
  • Forum - Ark forum.
  • GitHub - Ark GitHub repositories.
  • Roadmap - Ark roadmap, gives current development process and future.
  • Team - The Ark crew.
  • Whitepaper - Ark whitepaper.

Blockchain Explorers

Devnet Explorers

Community resources


Delegates tutorial

Delegates tool

Profit Sharing Calculator



  • ARKcommander - A simple shell script to easily setup an ARK node.
  • Ark Node - Official Ark node application.
  • Ark RPC - Official RPC server to connect to blockchain ARK.
  • ARKCommerce - Payment gateway that provides ARK crypto currency services to WooCommerce stores.



  • Ark-C - C client library.
  • Ark-Elixir - Ark API Wrapper in Elixir.
  • Ark-GO - Ark GO client for blockchain ecosystem.
  • Ark-Java - Lite client library in Java.
  • Ark-Net - Ark Client for .NET.
  • Ark-PHP-Client - PHP SDK for ARK blockchain.
  • Ark-Ruby - Ruby SDK for ARK blockchain.
  • Ark-TS - An ARK API wrapper, written in TypeScript to interact with ARK blockchain.
  • Ark JS - JavaScript library for sending Ark transactions from the client or server.
  • ARKKit - Swift wrapper for interacting with the Ark Ecosystem.
  • Arky - Pythonic way to work with
  • jark - JavaScript ARK API wrapper to interact with the ARK blockchain.
  • Pythark - Ark API Wrapper in Python.
  • Rust Ark - A Rust Wrapper for the Ark Ecosystem.
  • SwiftyArk - Swift simple, lightweight framework for the Ark Ecosystem.



  • Binance - A Hong Kong-based exchange that allows trading with BTC. Returns GAS to users. English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish interfaces
  • Bittrex - A United States-based exchange. Allows trading for BTC.
  • Bit-Z - A Chinese exchange that allows trading for BTC.
  • CoinSpot - An Australian exchange that allows trading for AUD.
  • CoinSwitch - An Indian exchange that allows trading for various other cryptocurrencies.
  • - Exchange that allows trading for BTC, ETH.
  • Cryptomate - A UK exchange that allows trading for GBP.
  • Cryptopia - A New Zealand-based exchange that allows trading for BTC, LTC and DOGE.
  • LiteBit - A Dutch-based exchange that allows trading for EUR.
  • UPbit - A Korean exchange that allows trading for KRW, BTC.


  • Ark FAQ - Collection of common questions answered by the team.


  • ArkCoin - ACF Board Voting monitor.
  • ArkMonitor - ArkMonitor is a stand-alone PowerShell script to do end-user monitoring on Ark MainNet Node(s) and Delegate.
  • ArkNode Vote Report - Get votes details.
  • ArkStats - Real-time network monitor.
  • DarkStats - Real-time network monitor (Dev network).










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