Command Line Flags

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None of these flags should ever be visible to the application that uses Dyre, so you shouldn’t bother explicitly filtering them out.

External Flags

  • --force-reconf
    • This flag does exactly what it says, forcing the custom binary to be recompiled even if Dyre thinks that it’s unnecessary. This is the only flag that an end-user could ever need to use. Consequently, it is the only one not prefixed with --dyre.
  • --dyre-debug
    • Dyre will launch in debug mode. This means that the ordinary paths will be ignored, in favor of looking for a configuration in the current directory and storing cache files in the ./cache directory.

Internal Flags

  • --dyre-master-binary
    • Used to relay the path to the master binary. Used to support program-initiated restarts.
  • --dyre-state-persist
    • Used to relay the path to the state file. Used to restore state after program restarts.