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Oct 23, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    ensure .yaws id dir is created in embedded mode (#66)

    Fix #66 by making sure the .yaws directory corresponding to the yaws
    ID is created for embedded applications using
    vinoski authored

Oct 20, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    make sed commands for version substitution more robust

    The sed commands in and rebar-pre-script were pretty
    picky regarding the presence of empty lines or other garbage in the file. Change to make sed operate only on the desired version
    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    fix compile warnings introduced in 96dd91e

    vinoski authored
  3. Tuncer Ayaz

    rebar: fix loading of version string from

    tuncer authored vinoski committed
  4. Steve Vinoski

    move some test files

    Relocate test files for some test/t2 tests to the new www directory
    underneath that directory, instead of reaching up and across to the
    top-level www directory. Change test code and config files as
    necessary to match.
    vinoski authored
  5. Steve Vinoski

    fix CGI redirect HTTP status bug

    The CGI 1.1 spec (RFC 3875) requires a server to augment a CGI
    response with a 302 status code if that responses consists only of a
    HTTP Location header and optional CGI extension headers, but Yaws was
    not doing this. Fix this and add a unit test to verify it.
    vinoski authored
  6. Steve Vinoski

    fix expires header time when crossing DST boundary

    The expires header test was failing because the header time was
    calculated in a way that failed to account for any daylight savings
    time issues, specifically when the access time occurs when DST is
    active but the expiry time occurs after DST has ended (or
    vice-versa). Fixed.
    vinoski authored

Oct 18, 2011

  1. Claes Wikstrom

    listen opts must be passed also to SSL sockets, Bug discovered and fi…

    …xed by per Hedeland
    klacke authored
  2. Claes Wikstrom

    listen opts must be passed also to SSL sockets, Bug discovered and fi…

    …xed by per Hedeland
    klacke authored

Oct 13, 2011

  1. Claes Wikstrom

    Merge branch 'master' of

    klacke authored
  2. don't setup dirs in embeddded mode

    Claes Wikstrom authored

Oct 06, 2011

  1. Essien Ita Essien

    Populate soap_srv_mods field in yaws:setup_gconf/2

    When running in embedded mode, this function is used to setup the
    gconf. Currently, the soap_srv_mods field is not built and is
    ignored. Correct that by setting the soap_srv_mods field.
    Signed-off-by: Essien Ita Essien <>
    essiene authored vinoski committed

Oct 01, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    remove obsolete username config from yaws.tex

    The "username" global config setting was removed from the code ages
    ago but it was still in the LaTeX doc. Remove it.
    vinoski authored

Sep 26, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    add config setting for acceptor pool size

    Add new config setting to allow the size of the acceptor process pool
    to be set to something other than the default. The default size is the
    same as what it was prior to this change. Also add documentation for
    the new setting, and augment the yaws.conf.template with information
    about it.
    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    refactor hard-to-read code in yaws_config

    The code to handle subconfig dirs suffered from way too many levels of
    indentation. Refactor it to make it easier to read.
    vinoski authored
  3. Steve Vinoski

    document process_options config setting

    The process_options config setting was not documented, so add it to
    vinoski authored
  4. Steve Vinoski

    fix minor documentation issue for ehtml function values

    vinoski authored
  5. Steve Vinoski

    allow functions to be specified as values in ehtml

    Ehtml now allows functions to be used as values. You can specify a
    function value as an anonymous arity 0 function, or as a tuple
    consisting of a module, function name, and argument list (i.e.,
    {M,F,[Args]}). Functions must return valid ehtml values, and they may
    return other functions as long as those functions eventually return a
    valid non-function ehtml value.
    Augment yaws.tex to document this new feature. Add a new eunit test
    for the feature as well.
    vinoski authored

Sep 23, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    delete chatty messages, make yaws_server upgrade-friendly (Klarna)

    Incorporate changes from Klarna (via Richard Carlsson) to delete
    chatty messages in a variety of places. These messages were for
    success cases; they were deleted because success cases should be
    Change yaws --check to take an optional --verbose option to allow
    original verbose success messages to be emitted. Also change the yaws
    script so that the --id option works for --check.
    Change yaws_server to make fully-qualified calls to gserv_loop to
    ensure code upgrades call into the newly-loaded module version.
    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    changes for OS X Lion for build and test

    The configure script had a place verifying Darwin version 10.*, which
    doesn't work for Lion since it's version 11.*. Allow any version
    greater than or equal to 10. Also the wgettest script under test/t1
    uses grep in a way that no longer seems to work under Lion (very odd),
    so change it to work around the issue.
    vinoski authored

Sep 14, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    careful review of yaws.tex, with numerous fixes

    vinoski authored

Sep 06, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    Merge branch 'master' of

    vinoski authored

Aug 02, 2011

  1. Claes Wikstrom

    prepare for 1.91

    klacke authored
  2. Claes Wikstrom

    Added support to generate and check strict xhtml output

    klacke authored
  3. Claes Wikstrom

    Added possibility to turn off yaws log wrapping. This is useful for a…

    …pplications that embedd yaws and do not want that functionality at all.
    klacke authored

Jul 17, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    add to .gitignore

    vinoski authored

Jul 07, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    revert "remove support for SOAP DIME attachments"

    This reverts commit 65bf36a.
    vinoski authored

Jul 03, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    add proxy autoconfig to MIME types (Kenji Rikitake)

    vinoski authored

Jun 21, 2011

  1. Christopher Faulet

    catch exit signals sent by gserv process

    In commit 5cc39b7, the temporary fix for issue #60, all exit signals
    found when erasing transient messages are ignored. This commit
    completes that fix. Exit signals coming specifically from the gserv
    process to shutdown the connection are also ignored.  So, only signals
    from gserv are now processed and all others are flushed.
    capflam authored vinoski committed
  2. Steve Vinoski

    fix reverse proxy problem (issue #60)

    Change yaws_server.erl to not exit on {'EXIT', From, Reason} messages
    found when erasing transient messages, a change originally introduced
    in commit c075573. Doing so was causing reverse proxy to no longer
    work, as reported in issue #60 on github and as experienced by several
    users. Note however that this might be a temporary fix, since it might
    be better to figure out the source of the EXIT message, but I'm
    committing and pushing this fix now for the benefit of those waiting
    to use the reverse proxy feature.
    Thanks to Manuel Durán Aguete for providing a test case making it easy
    to reproduce the problem and test the fix.
    vinoski authored

Jun 19, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    fix yaws_rpc session handler (Christian Adams)

    Fix yaws_rpc:handler_session funs to remember sessions. The problem
    resulted in the www/json_sample.html example no longer counting.
    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    let configure handle erlang built from git clone

    A normal Erlang installation has versioned directory names for
    applications such as sasl, kernel, and ssl. The yaws configure script
    checks for these. But an Erlang built from a git clone of the OTP
    repository, the versions for these applications do not exist. Trying
    to build yaws using erl built in such a git clone would fail due to
    this lack of versioned applications.
    Change to look for normal application versions first and
    if not found, look for application dirs containing files. If
    found, use those versions instead. Also change to get the
    erts version from running the emulator instead of from the erts
    versioned directory name.
    vinoski authored

Jun 05, 2011

  1. Tuncer Ayaz

    fix missing whitespace in yaws_sendfile error message

    tuncer authored vinoski committed

Jun 02, 2011

  1. Steve Vinoski

    slight tweak to json2 float test

    vinoski authored
  2. Steve Vinoski

    fixes for json2.erl and json.erl (Nico Kruber)

    Implement more precise floating point number conversions -- avoid
    converting via io_lib:format/2 by using erlang:float_to_list/1. Fix
    encoding lists of (small) floats (json.erl mistakenly tried to convert
    them to strings). Fix/add encoding of lists to {array, List}. Handle
    unicode in object keys.
    vinoski authored
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