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Timeshot is a iOS and Android mobile application that provides shared photos album. You are able to create an album for an event such as a birthday, a wedding ...n invite your friends to contribute to and then, every photos taken with the app is instantaneously sent into the album and visible by everybody.


Here is the current app's features:

  • Account creation and onboarding
  • Creation of a shared album
  • Invitation of friends to contribute to
  • Creation of a friends circle via friend request
  • Invitation to join the app by SMS
  • Profile page to manage friend requests, personal information, profile picture...
  • Photo filters like Snapchat
  • Network errors management to store photos and retry sending when network is back
  • Multi album management to send a photo into several albums in one shot
  • Albums page to list all user's albums
  • Tinder view alike to like pictures before displaying all of them
  • Album details page to display all album's photos
  • Album story which create a story based on most liked pictures of the album
  • Push notifications for album creation


We used Parse API to create back-end as a service, which is unfortunately not available anymore. The app is developed with Swift in order to provide a native experience to our users.