Control your nest thermostat through a ruby gem
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Nest Thermostat

This gem allows you to get and set the temperature of your Nest thermostat. You can also get and set the away status and get the current temperature and target temperature time.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'nest_thermostat'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install nest_thermostat


Get some useful info:

@nest ={email: ENV['NEST_EMAIL'], password: ENV['NEST_PASS']})
puts @nest.current_temperature   # => 75.00
puts @nest.current_temp          # => 75.00
puts @nest.temperature           # => 73.00
puts @nest.temp                  # => 73.00
puts @nest.target_temperature_at # => 2012-06-05 14:28:48 +0000 # Ruby date object or false
puts @nest.target_temp_at        # => 2012-06-05 14:28:48 +0000 # Ruby date object or false
puts @nest.away                  # => false
puts @nest.leaf                  # => true # May take a few seconds after a temp change
puts @nest.humidity              # => 54 # Relative humidity in percent

Change the temperature or away status:

puts @nest.temperature # => 73.0
puts @nest.temperature = 74.0
puts @nest.temperature # => 74.0

puts @nest.away # => false
puts @nest.away = true
puts @nest.away # => true

Default temperatures are in fahrenheit but you can change to celsius or kelvin:

@nest ={..., temperature_scale: 'c'}) # Or C, Celsius or celsius

# -- OR --

@nest.temperature_scale = 'k' # or K, Kelvin or kelvin

And of course if you want to get LOTS of other goodies like (schedule and every diag piece of info you'd ever want):

p @nest.status

# -- OR --

require 'yaml'
yaml @nest.status

# -- OR my favorite --

require 'ap' # gem install awesome_print
ap @nest.status

Feel free to implement anything you see useful and submit a pull request. I'd love to see other information like scheduling or multiple device/location support added.

Alfred Extension

If you use for OS X you may be interested in an extension. Download it. You'll need ruby 1.9+ and this gem installed. Then just enter your nest email/pass as the arguments in the alfred extension (after you import it). It also uses Growl to display output so you'll need that installed as well.

Screenshot of Alfred Extension Screenshot of Alfred Extension Growl Output

Here are the commands it supports:

nest          # => Your Nest is set to 73°F
nest 72       # => Your Nest was set to 72°F
nest current  # => The current temperature is currently 71.51°F
nest leaf     # => The leaf is off; you can fix that! (or: The leaf is on; you are energy efficient!)
nest away     # => Your Nest is now set to away (or: Your Nest is now set to home.)
nest home     # => Your Nest is now set to home
nest humidity # => The relative humidity is currently 53%
nest until    # => Your home will reach it's target temperature at 7:30pm
nest ip       # => The current ip address is I placed it in your clipboard.

There are some aliases as well:

nest current | current temp | current temperature
nest home | back
nest leaf | green
nest until | til | time


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