Code for data reduction and analysis of Galaxy Zoo 2
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This repo was created and is maintained by the Galaxy Zoo science team. If you wish to use any of the data or code, please cite Willett et al. (2013), MNRAS, 435, 2835.

A fully reduced version of the catalog is hosted at, along with other Galaxy Zoo products.

The draft of Willett et al. (2013) (gz2datarelease.pdf), along with associated files, is in the datapaper/ folder. This folder also includes the gallery of examples from GZ2 (gz2_gallery.pdf).

Data reduction and analysis codes are stored in idl/ and python/.

The final catalog products are stored in the tables/ directory. Tables 3-5 (which match their numbering in the paper) are stored as zipped CSV, FITS, and VOTable files.

Please feel free to fork and to send pull requests if you have a GitHub account. Email me if you have any questions!

The code in this repo is licensed under the MIT license. The paper is under the MNRAS copyright.