Reduction and analysis materials for the Galaxy Zoo: Hubble project.
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This is the repository for the analysis and collaborative writing of the paper for the Galaxy Zoo: Hubble catalog release. It includes data and images started from citizen science workshop in Taiwan at this repo. Use of any of the materials are requested to cite Willett et al. (submitted).

  • Submitted to MNRAS on 30 May 2016.
  • Received referee report; re-submitted on 15 Sep 2016.
  • Received second referee report; re-re-submitted on 3 Oct 2016.
  • Accepted by MNRAS on 4 Oct 2016. Preprint is available on arXiv:

Note: run all figures through PDFCompressor before submission to comply with MNRAS' file size limitations.

Contact Kyle Willett (@willettk) or Melanie Galloway (@Mel23) if you have any questions, or please submit a pull request or issue of your own!