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Dash.alfredworkflow (Download v1.22)

Dash Documentation Lookup

Dash comes with default Alfred 2 Workflow. This is an extension to that by shortening the keyword filters for each language. Does not require online connection.

As of Dash v2, this workflow is no longer needed.

To enable the new workflow go to Dash -> Preferences -> Integration -> Alferd

Requires: Dash >= 1.9.2.

Commands Included: dash {query} (default), html {query}, css {query}, js {query}, jquery {query}, jqueryui {query}, angularjs {query}, bootstrap {query}, svg {query}, nodejs {query}, php {query}, redis {query}, mysql {query}, man {query}, cpp {query}, sass {query}, compass {query}, backbone {query}, underscore {query}, wordpress {query}, drupal {query}, django {query}, python {query}, python2 {query}, elisp {query}, android {query}, yui {query}, ruby {query}, rails {query}, gem {query}, bourbon {query}, neat {query}, jade {query}, stylus {query}, coffee {query}, knockout {query}, erlang {query}, lua {query}, foundation {query}, ios {query}, lodash {query}, vagrant {query}, bash {query}, vim {query}

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For new keywords being added in please read https://github.com/willfarrell/alfred-dash-workflow/issues/20 in regards to new query string.