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Encoding and decoding a sting into multiple variations.
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Encode / Decode (Download v1.10)

Encoding and decoding a string into multiple variations.


  1. Alfred App v2
  2. Alfred Powerpack


  1. Click the download buttons below
  2. Double-click to import into Alfred 2
  3. Review the workflow to add custom Hotkeys


Run the Alleyoop Workflow using the keyword oop. If you're not comfortable with Alleyoop, star & watch this repo to keep up to date on new versions and additional workflows.


Will transform your query strings through base64, html, url, and utf-8 encode/decode. Pressing enter will copy the encoded/decoded string to the clipboard.

alt text

alt text


  • encode {query} - Encode magic
  • decode {query} - Decode magic



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