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Search and Download YouTube Videos
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YouTube (Download v1.8)

Search and Download YouTube Videos


  1. Alfred App v2
  2. Alfred Powerpack
  3. Homebrew w/ youtube-dl & ffmpeg
  4. VLC if you want streaming with this application


  1. Click the download buttons below
  2. Double-click to import into Alfred 2
  3. Review the workflow to add custom Hotkeys

Setting up brew

# Install Homebrew
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

brew install ffmpeg
brew install youtube-dl


Run the Alleyoop Workflow using the keyword oop. If you're not comfortable with Alleyoop, star & watch this repo to keep up to date on new versions and additional workflows.


Typing youtube followed by a search query will show the results for the query. For example, youtube daftpunk will search for DaftPunk videos.

alt text

alt text

alt text


  • yt {query} - Searches YouTube for videos matching the query.
  • yt c|channels {query} - Searches for channels.
  • yt cv|channelvideos {query} - Shows videos for the specified channel.
  • yt toprated - Shows the top rated videos.
  • yt topfavorited - Shows the most favourited videos.
  • yt mostviewed - Shows the most viewed videos.
  • yt mostpopular Shows the most popular videos.
  • yt mostrecent Shows the most recent videos.
  • yt mostdiscussed Shows the most discussed videos.
  • yt mostresponded Shows the videos with most responds.
  • yt recentlyfeatured Shows videos which have recently been featured.
  • yt-download {query} - what happens with search query

If you find yourself having a hard time remembering the commands, remember that they will show up in autocompletion if you type yt.

Action Modifier

  • Hold alt to download the video
  • Hold control to download the audio from the video
  • Hold cmd to play the video with VLC


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