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For the lazy:

git clone
echo "source zsh-snippets/snippets.plugin.zsh" >> ~/.zshrc

Better, use zgen or antigen. Here is how to do it with zgen:

zgen load willghatch/zsh-snippets

The Magic

Expand text anywhere on the command line, like aliases.

ps aux tg! # ! represents cursor position
# M-x snippet-expand, or hopefully you bind it to a key
ps aux | grep! # ! is your new cursor position

Add snippets

snippet-add d "/my/long/directory/or/something like that"
# then you can expand d to... that long thing

List snippets

help-list-snippets # pulls up help in a your pager
# or
# M-x run-help-list-snippets -- does the same thing

This snippet stuff has been floating around in a few different forms and names. I think the first version was from My version adds some (in my opinion) handy interface functions, and packages it in a plugin for easy use with antigen.


I've seen parts of this code all over the web, so I assume it's fair game. All my contributions I dedicate to the public domain.