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Code test for a job
Hack PHP
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This repo is the solution for Will's code test and will be removed from public view afterwards.

Data was used unchanged, and contains a U+FFFD � unicode replacement character used to replace an unknown, unrecognized or unrepresentable character. This shows up in the results of a product search.

index.php is the landing page, which re-uses Elsevier's main websites look and feel, providing stripped down content.

worker.php is the OOP PHP Class which handles the requests passed in from the user search.

worker.php is designed to allow simple extension and redesign of the functionality.
Re-using common functions such as the printing to screen, allows UI updates easily for all results. e.g. Expandable product results, which allow more information or adding to a shopping basket cookie.

Other notable features - All data about the object is preserved after the filtering. It would have been easy to take the titles, and build a new array of just titles - sort that array and print that sorted array. Instead, all of the meta data is kept and the array is sorted by a user-defined comparison of the titles as a sub element of the array. Retention of the full data allows a more user-friendly commercial experience, this is demonstrated in the application by showing the format of the product in the results.

Search functionality is case-insensitive.

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